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The world's first fully integrated AI development environment. Focus on high-value innovation while AI agents automate the mundane. A whole new way of building software.

The best engineering teams use AI Agents

Issue In, Pull Request Out

AIDE powers your
Software Development Life Cycle

Fine automates routine tasks, provides context-aware answers to your questions, and implements changes across your codebase, all while adhering to your coding standards.

around your codebase

Hunting down a bug? Designing a new feature? Get started by asking Fine: the AI that knows everything it needs to answer your question accurately.

Ask command illustration


Fine suggests a step-by-step implementation plan in your codebase. It's entirely editable so you can steer Fine in the right direction.

Plan command illustration

repository-wide changes

Ready to go? Fine implements the changes across your codebase, keeping up with your coding standards. It works asynchronously on its own dev-environment, freeing you to do whatever you want.

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Fine creates a Pull Request, handing it over for your review. Iterate by giving it feedback as you are used to, or check out the branch and pick it up from where it left off. The best part? It remembers your feedback and gets better over time.

Github pull request screenshot

AAA: Anywhere, Anytime, Asynchronous.

With Fine running in the cloud, you can let it work on tasks asynchronously while you focus on other things. Kick things on from anywhere you are, and come back to a ready-to-review pull request.

Get started ->
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Use cases

The Ultimate Developer Experience, Powered by AI

Fine is redefining the developer experience with AI-powered assistance for design, research, coding, reviews, debugging, and CI/CD. Let AI handle the mundane tasks and unlock your full potential.

Design & Research
Everyday Coding
Automated Testing
Automated Code Reviews
Self-healing CI/CD
Design & Research

Integrated AI Across the Software Development Lifecycle.

Reduce cycle times with the help of AI workflows throughout the entire software development lifecycle. Fine's AI Agents support teams at every stage from coding and testing, analyzing production errors and troubleshooting CI/CD pipelines.

Tailored to your needs.

Every agent is custom-built for your project. They adapt to your coding standards, project requirements, and team preferences, customized to suit your exact needs.

Feature 01

Agents execute work. Autonomously.

Agents understand business requirements, analyze the entire codebase, create a plan, generate code and tests your app.

Feature 02

Learn from your feedback.

With every edit you make, agents learn your style, format, and templates. Like a human would.

Feature 03

Specs & Code insight

Fine's AI agents start by deeply analyzing your codebase, auto-generating specs to give you a clear path forward before any code is written.

Seamless Git Workflow

Agents automatically branch out, commit changes, and manage pull requests within your Git workflow.

Code Integrity

Agents integrate with your CI/CD, compile code, run tests, linters and other checks to ensure integrity and quality.

Live Previews

Get instant feedback on how your code changes with live previews, making it easier to iterate and improve on the fly.

Built for Teams

Fine is designed for teams to work together. Easily create, share, and benefit from AI agents together.

Developer-first Design

Enjoy keybord-first design and UI elegance with a focus on simplicity and ease of use.

PR Agent

Resolve Pull Requests 10x Faster.

Bring-in Fine into any conversation on GitHub to automatically resolve feedback in the speed.

Fast revisions.

Skip the back-and-forth. Mention Fine in a review comment to automatically resolve feedback in the speed.

Feature 02

Speed that means quality.

Automatically solve conflicts, add tests, docs, and more. Everything you need to ship better code, faster.

Feature 03

AI Agents You Can Trust.

With complete oversight of every thought and step you are always in full control. Provide feedback and and roll-back in one click if you need to.

Feature 04

Loved by Developers.

Bob Xu
Bob Xu

Impressive! Fine Dev seems like a game-changer for software development. AI agents streamlining coding tasks - that's the future we've been waiting for.

Desmond Grealy
Desmond Grealy

I look at a lot of Coding Agent tools, and I think this one is pretty slick.

Anna Johnson
Anna Johnson

Wow absolute game changer with - run GPT agents in CI/CD and local development.

Alan Tan
Alan Tan

Magic :-)

John Rush
John Rush

Congrats, @thisisfinedev is my favorite winner of all DevHunt winners so far.

Kevin J. Scott
Kevin J. Scott

AI agents 🤖 are completely changing how software is created. Agent systems like Fine are the future.

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